About Us

About us

We are Alaadine and Ahmed, two friends on the path of studying martial arts and Chinese medicine, our training inspired us to carefully select the quality of what we consume to optimize our gut health.

First it all started by making our own plant-based milk (mylk) at home with only 3 main ingredients: filtered water, nuts or grain, pinch of himalayan sea salt. and once we started delving into the world of plant-based we knew it wouldn't stop there.

at rawa, we put in the time and effort to quench your thirst for quality plant based milk made from carefully selected, high quality nuts and grains. and you can rest assured that every sip of your milk will always be, not just locally squeezed and sinfully creamy, but also fresh and additive-free.

rawa mylks offers a variety of delicious, nutritious, and fresh alternatives to dairy milk. Our nut milk is completely  free from sugars, additives, and preservatives, ensuring a natural and pure taste.